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Every great meal deserves a great side ... That's why at Big City Grill Co. we have so many choices!  Find the perfect pairing for your next meal.  Or use any of our great sides as the ultimate snack.  We guarantee -- once you taste our sides you'll be hooked!

Crinkle Cut Fries | $2.65
Always hot & delicious golden crinkle
cut fries ... Simply Amazing!

Garden Side Salad | $3.99
Want a healthier choice? Try our fresh
side salad.

Beer Batter Onion Rings | $3.99
Golden brown, hot and crispy.  The best around ...
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Cheese Fries | $3.99
Topped with melted and real shredded
cheddar cheese ... the best fries around got better!

Loaded Cheese Fries | $4.99
Loaded with everything you love...Melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese, hot jalapenos and bacon... Gotta get some!
Bacon Fries | $4.99
Topped with tons of cheese & crispy bits of real bacon!
Chili Cheese Fries | $5.69
Made with our awesome chili and loads of 100% real shredded cheddar cheese.
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Mozzarella Sticks | $4.59
Lightly battered ... served with our amazing Marinara!
Nachos & Cheese | $3.99
Crispy, corn tortilla chips, with melty & shredded cheddar cheese!
Potato Salad | $2.99
An old favorite, made fresh and sure to satisfy.
Loaded Nachos & Cheese | $4.99
Loaded with everything AWESOME! Bacon, melted and shredded cheddar and hot jalapinos ... Get some!
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